2017 - 2018 HEP Seminar Schedule

DateEvent TypeSpeakerTitle
09/06/2017HEP SeminarEnnio SalvioniCharged Composite Scalar Dark Matter [ + Description ]
09/08/2017HEP SeminarRam BrusteinWhat’s inside a BH? Probing the interior of black holes with gravity waves [ + Description ]
09/13/2017HEP SeminarAdam SolomonEffective field theories and modified gravity or: How I learned to stop worrying and love higher-derivative Lagrangians [ + Description ]
09/20/2017HEP SeminarGiovanni VilladoroThe Power of Series [ + Description ]
09/27/2017HEP SeminarSavdeep SethiSupersymmetry Breaking by Fluxes [ + Description ]
10/04/2017HEP SeminarPatrick FoxCosmology in Mirror Twin Higgs and Neutrinos [ + Description ]
10/11/2017HEP SeminarTomer VolanskyRelaxed Inflation [ + Description ]
10/18/2017HEP SeminarCora DvorkinDiscovering New Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Cosmological Data Sets [ + Description ]
10/25/2017HEP SeminarDavid CurtinBSM Opportunities at ep Colliders [ + Description ]
11/01/2017HEP SeminarTom BanksDo Conformal Field Theory Correlators Compute the Non-perturbative Minkowski S Matrix? [ -- Description ]

Description: I present two independent arguments that the answer to the question in the title is NO. The first involves the Tensor Network Renormalization Group approach to local physics in AdS space. I show that it provides a derivation of the Holographic Space-time (HST) formalism for the special case of AdS space, but only on scales of order the AdS radius or larger. For smaller scales (in models with a large radius gravity dual), TNRG does not reproduce the scrambling properties of small black holes. The HST formalism does reproduce those properties, but that physics is unconnected to the time evolution defined by the CFT Hamiltonian. An independent argument comes from the claim that the Minkowski scattering operator in never unitary in the Fock space of gravitons. This is manifestly true in four dimensions, where all Fock space matrix elements vanish, but true non-perturbatively in higher dimensions as well. CFT correlators can compute at most the finite Fock space matrix elements, when they exist. If time permits, I'll discuss the connection between these arguments. In HST the majority of states in a causal diamond in Minkowski space, describe "soft gravitons propagating on the boundary of the diamond" and the Hamiltonian of these states is invariant under volume preserving maps of the holographic screen of the diamond. In order to describe the conformal boundary of AdS space, the Hamiltonian for diamonds whose proper time is of order the AdS radius or larger must break this symmetry in order to properly converge to the boundary field theory Hamiltonian. This is naturally incorporated in the formalism of HST because the Hamiltonian is time dependent, reflecting the fact that the time slices are always taken to lie inside the past light cone of a point on a particular time-like trajectory. (2:00 PM, 726 Broadway, 940, CCPP Seminar)
11/08/2017HEP SeminarTongyan LinConstraining a Thin Dark Matter Disk with Gaia [ + Description ]
11/15/2017HEP SeminarJared KaplanExact Bulk Operators and the Fate of Locality [ + Description ]
11/22/2017HEP SeminarAlexander ZhiboedovConformal Bootstrap At Large Charge [ + Description ]
11/29/2017HEP SeminarMichael R. DouglasComputational complexity of cosmology in string theory [ + Description ]
12/06/2017HEP SeminarSebastian FrancoGoing Beyond Duality Using Branes [ + Description ]
12/13/2017HEP SeminarErich PoppitzConfinement and strings in circle-compactified gauge theories: 'same and different' [ + Description ]
01/24/2018HEP SeminarThomas BachlechnerTunneling in Semi-Classical Gravity [ + Description ]
01/31/2018HEP SeminarMarcus SpradlinTwo Exercises in Supersymmetric SYK Models [ + Description ]
02/01/2018HEP SeminarTanguy PierogLHC and Cosmic Rays : the Chicken or the Egg ? [ + Description ]
02/07/2018HEP SeminarSurjeet RajendranCosmological Solutions to the Problems of Existence [ + Description ]
02/14/2018HEP SeminarClay CordovaApplications of the Average Null Energy Condition [ + Description ]
02/21/2018HEP SeminarXi YinTopological defect lines and RG flows in 2D [ + Description ]
02/28/2018HEP SeminarNima Arkani-HamedMarble Statues in the Forest Beyond Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime [ + Description ]
03/07/2018HEP SeminarAnastasia VolovichTBA [ + Description ]
03/21/2018HEP SeminarVictor GorbenkoTBA [ + Description ]
03/28/2018HEP SeminarAhmed AlmheirTBA [ + Description ]
04/04/2018HEP SeminarTBA [ + Description ]
04/11/2018HEP SeminarNetta EngelhardtTBA [ + Description ]
04/18/2018HEP SeminarMatthias Neubert [ + Description ]
04/25/2018HEP SeminarTBA [ + Description ]
05/02/2018HEP SeminarTBA [ + Description ]
05/09/2018HEP SeminarMatthew LippertTBA [ + Description ]
05/16/2018HEP SeminarTBA [ + Description ]