2017 - 2018 HEP Seminar Schedule

DateEvent TypeSpeakerTitle
09/06/2017HEP SeminarEnnio SalvioniCharged Composite Scalar Dark Matter [ + Description ]
09/08/2017HEP SeminarRam BrusteinWhat’s inside a BH? Probing the interior of black holes with gravity waves [ + Description ]
09/13/2017HEP SeminarAdam SolomonEffective field theories and modified gravity or: How I learned to stop worrying and love higher-derivative Lagrangians [ + Description ]
09/20/2017HEP SeminarGiovanni VilladoroThe Power of Series [ + Description ]
09/27/2017HEP SeminarSavdeep SethiSupersymmetry Breaking by Fluxes [ + Description ]
10/04/2017HEP SeminarPatrick FoxCosmology in Mirror Twin Higgs and Neutrinos [ -- Description ]

Description: I will explore a simple solution to the cosmological challenges of the original Mirror Twin Higgs (MTH) model that leads to interesting implications for experiment. I will consider theories in which both the standard model and mirror neutrinos acquire masses through the familiar seesaw mechanism, but with a low right-handed neutrino mass scale of order a few GeV. In these νMTH models, the right-handed neutrinos leave the thermal bath while still relativistic. As the universe expands, these particles eventually become nonrelativistic, and come to dominate the energy density of the universe before decaying. Decays to standard model states are preferred, with the result that the visible sector is left at a higher temperature than the twin sector. Consequently the contribution of the twin sector to the radiation density in the early universe is suppressed, allowing the current bounds on this scenario to be satisfied. However, their effects may be discovered in future cosmic microwave background experiments, or upcoming experiments designed to probe the large scale structure of the universe. (2:00 PM, 726 Broadway, 940, CCPP Seminar)
10/11/2017HEP SeminarTomer VolanskyRelaxed Inflation [ + Description ]
10/18/2017HEP SeminarCora Dvorkintba [ + Description ]
10/25/2017HEP SeminarDavid CurtinTBA [ + Description ]
11/01/2017HEP SeminarTom BanksTBA [ + Description ]
11/08/2017HEP SeminarTongyan Lintba [ + Description ]
11/15/2017HEP SeminarJared Kaplantba [ + Description ]
11/22/2017HEP SeminarAlexander ZhiboedovTBA [ + Description ]
11/29/2017HEP SeminarMichael R. DouglasTBA [ + Description ]
12/06/2017HEP SeminarSebastian FrancoTBA [ + Description ]
12/13/2017HEP SeminarErich PoppitzTBA [ + Description ]
01/24/2018HEP SeminarThomas BachlechnerTBA [ + Description ]