2017 - 2018 HEP Seminar Schedule

DateEvent TypeSpeakerTitle
09/06/2017HEP SeminarEnnio SalvioniCharged Composite Scalar Dark Matter [ + Description ]
09/08/2017HEP SeminarRam BrusteinWhat’s inside a BH? Probing the interior of black holes with gravity waves [ + Description ]
09/13/2017HEP SeminarAdam SolomonEffective field theories and modified gravity or: How I learned to stop worrying and love higher-derivative Lagrangians [ + Description ]
09/20/2017HEP SeminarGiovanni VilladoroThe Power of Series [ -- Description ]

Description: After a small review on divergent series and Borel resummation I will discuss a geometric approach based on Picard-Lefschetz theory to study the interplay between perturbative and non-perturbative effects in the QM path integral. Such approach can be used to characterize when the perturbative series gives the full answer and when the inclusion of non-trivial saddles--instantons--is mandatory. I will then show how a simple deformation of the original perturbation theory allows to recover the full non perturbative answer from the perturbative coefficients alone, without the need of including instanton corrections. I will illustrate this technique in examples which are known to contain non-perturbative effects, such as the (supersymmetric) double-well potential, the pure anharmonic oscillator, and the perturbative expansion around a false vacuum. (2:00 PM, 726 Broadway, 940, CCPP Seminar)
09/27/2017HEP SeminarSavdeep SethiSupersymmetry Breaking by Fluxes [ + Description ]
10/04/2017HEP SeminarPatrick FoxCosmology in Mirror Twin Higgs and Neutrinos [ + Description ]
10/11/2017HEP SeminarTomer VolanskyRelaxed Inflation [ + Description ]
10/18/2017HEP SeminarCora Dvorkintba [ + Description ]
10/25/2017HEP SeminarDavid CurtinTBA [ + Description ]
11/01/2017HEP SeminarTom BanksTBA [ + Description ]
11/08/2017HEP SeminarTongyan Lintba [ + Description ]
11/15/2017HEP SeminarJared Kaplantba [ + Description ]
11/22/2017HEP SeminarAlexander ZhiboedovTBA [ + Description ]
11/29/2017HEP SeminarMichael R. DouglasTBA [ + Description ]
12/06/2017HEP SeminarSebastian FrancoTBA [ + Description ]
12/13/2017HEP SeminarErich PoppitzTBA [ + Description ]
01/24/2018HEP SeminarThomas BachlechnerTBA [ + Description ]